just when you thought it couldnt get better

User Rating: 9.5 | Final Fantasy XIII PS3
alright here we go

i have only played the first few hours into this game (15 hours possibly) from what i've seen it is well designed the graphics are amazing, the charcters are hot and the game play system is revolutionary (IMO).

i simply love the battle system its exciting to just watch even. the main menu is well designed as well as how you level, its all wrapped up in a good different way. simply worth the wait and to play.

i have one little negative comment though, the fact that you dont get to free roam till later in the game is both a good and bad thing. good because it gets you involved in the story. bad cause you dont get to free roam till 20 hours later.

not that it makes the game any less fun. its a final fantasy and we havent seen a good one in ages so whatever its fault i think the rest of the things i mentioned makes up for it.