The long awaited Final Fantasy XIII has arrived! " Let the battles begin! "

User Rating: 10 | Final Fantasy XIII PS3
Final Fantasy XIII is an amazing game despite how long it took for them to make it and changing from PS3 Exclusive to multi platform, my question is that is it worth it? My answer is yes.

The battle system has been completely remastered with the paradigm shift system. An amazing story that you will be hooked up on til the end of the whole journey. Lovable characters, heavily the most amazing graphics ever seen on the PS3. Sharp 1080p definition makes the game look smooth and lifelike. Also one of the best soundtracks made for the Final Fantasy Series. This might be able to beat FFVII's masterpiece! XD

The story's main character name "Lightning" is a mysterious girl who doesn't talk much about her past and her companions like Snow and Hope are L'Cie's of Cocoon that are enemies of The Sanctum soldiers of Pulse. This game has a lot of things worth loving. Stunning battles, cutscenes, the environment is full of things going on about everywhere you look you will be amazed at what is happening. This is the PS3 version's stand point and should be the true 100% experience, since Sony had the rights reserved for DLC and bonus content later on after release. Like the last Final Fantasy game the battles aren't random now since all you need to do is walk up to the monsters you see and engage in battle or run away and look for a clear route. A strong customizable skills system like the one from FFX and weapons system from FFXII. Most of classic summons are gone but many from the past that hasn't appeared for awhile are back and they look better than ever. Most of them transform into vehicles to help your characters out when in battle.

It is too bad that they never made a PS3 special bundle like they did to the Japanese Audience. But instead making a xbox360 special edition that is trying to attract the American audience while most of us are willing to buy the ps3 special edition. Sure they made the 360 special bundle but it is not recommended because the experience on the 360 in my opinion is majorly different to the ps3's. Such as on the xbox360 has bad pixelated graphics, and also suffers from crashes due to unstable framerate. While ps3 has the more smooth 1080p graphics and a more stable framerate. When the game comes out on March 9th and you apparently want to buy it I strongly recommend the PS3 edition since it is suppose to be an exclusive for it. If you want the ps3 special bundle for it then import it and buy the english version of the game here. If you disagree with my graphic comparison you can check others. Mainly the PS3 is better at everything no offense.

The Verdict:

Graphics: Amazing performance shown with the true 1080p experience
Gameplay: As awesome as ever with stunning battles and a good upgrade system (Completely Remastered)
Story: Really sucks you in til the end
Final Score: 10/10 - for the ps3 version
PS: Review might be revised after official release due to being heavily based on the JP version's experience.