technically best story is fantastic best game ever played

User Rating: 10 | Final Fantasy XIII PS3
i have played many Role Playing Games so far and have played some american First Person Shooter games and i can only say RPGs like this isn't only a game for ripping and slicing and enjoy of blood (like hollywood films) but these are games contain best musics and arts and stories which gives me hope for enjoying my life. thanks to producers

in a game like crysis or far cry theres a beatifull nature but there a beautiful nature and artistic one in this game.

musics has no match and the quality of sounds and musics should be placed on first rank.i can spend a lot of hours listening musics with closed eyes imagining a vast world of fantasys ....

look at lighting in battles .. ? what you can see ? have you see something like this anywhere ?
or maybe you can look at textures and details in graphics (i know squreenix limited shaders but still ...) i am certain this one is best