amazingly makes me cry

User Rating: 9.5 | Final Fantasy XIII PS3
the story , the graphics the music all blended together in an enormous blend, it's the real perfection in current generation systems.
this game makes me cry from the immersion i have had with it,for god's sake the game is final fantasy , i'm not a hardcore gamer of the series but i played few before , but this one is awesome ,even awesomely awesome than it's predecessors .
the only tiny thing that bothered me while i know i can change it was the little chaos in battles because of the active system that started in ffx-2 on ps2 but here it seems confusing a bit with all your teams and your foes thrown together on the screen changing places until you lose sight of your player and your enemy you've chosen. but this doesn't effect the quality so much since you can change it from the option menu.
i had strange feeling when i saw the rating of the game i expect it to get 9 at least but whatever ...rankings never bothered me with this game its a mythical wondrous .this game is even worshiped in some places around the globe (actually i made that up XD).
from dessert lands my greetings to all.