So it's not the traditional Final Fantasy but it's still a instant classic that will draw you in.

User Rating: 10 | Final Fantasy XIII PS3
First of all the graphics are amazing Square Enix has done it again. The music sets the right mood for each area. I don't want to say too much about the storyline of the game but i'll just say that it's crazy just like most final fantasies and it won't disappoint any die hard fans such as myself. The combat is easy to get used to, especially with the new auto-battle option that the game has in which the game's A.I. picks the most suitable attacks to use against the enemies. The game has a REALLY good A.I. in general the other characters never did anything stupid to mess up the fight. Battles are really fast paced and all over the place at times you might feel overwhelmed but most of the times you'll just love everything that you see. On that note about battles SE was NOT kidding about the game being harder than other FF's. Train and develop your characters at every chance you get because some of these bosses even monsters will K.O. you, i'm not kidding. The development of your characters is really good it's just like the sphere grid of FFX just alot more advanced. Lightning, Snow, Vanille, Sazh, Hope, & Fang are the perfect blend of characters that SE has put together throughout the beginning of the game you'll see that each character has some deep issues that they have to overcome, their personalities all fit them and they aren't that cliche. So overall this game is perfect for new players to the series and an enjoyment for the die hard fans.