good rpg game but not the best

User Rating: 8 | Final Fantasy XIII PS3
hi dears
i played jp version of FFXIII, its a good rpg game but its not the best rpg in ff serious and not the best rpg in this generation, the graphic is wonderful, 80% real time 20% CG movies in the game.
some times you think this part in the game used CG but its a real time graphic, other times like playing on PS2 but in HD.
there is alot of beautiful area to descover and explore it, but you have to collect all items from the first areas in first tim of playing, but if you miss 1 item you'll never turn back to get it.
only selectable areas you can return to, leveling system in the game is very cool, i think tink this is the geatest way to level up your characters in FF history, I really loved the table in FFXIII, from the begining they gave each character 3 jops only, but you can upgrade the other jops later in the game, when you max levelling up your character you'll feel really happy so you can choose any character you want in the party.
i think this is a bad point in the game, you cant customize your party until complete the game about 60% in hour 25, and you cant choose leader until you complete 60% of the game, 25 hours only play in 2 characters, 1,30 hours for each 2 character, thin you'll play your next 1,5 hours in 2 new characters, thin 1,5 hours in the 3RD party with other characters, its good to know the story but you'll feel a little bory abd yoy think you're in the begining in the game.
fighting system in the game is very cool, and there is many areas for the battle, you'll love this type of fighting, there is many things you can do it, specially the 3RD level ib magics, you'll see an effects you'll never belive your eyes, but there is some magics with no needs.
the game totaly easy, you cant escape from the battles, but if you lose you can choose continue and repeat the fight with new tactics, or if you used many items and you think you can do better job if you played this fight again, simply press start thin select and choose restart "i guess its restart not sure because i played in jp ver."
there is alot of magics in the game, but there is only 6 summons only 3 of them is cool, but other 3 is really bad.
if we want to talk about secrets and mini games, the king in FF histore of mini games is FFIX and the king in secrets is FFVIII + FFXII., in FFXIII little secrets, less than FFX, no secret summons, little secret bosses to fight.
when we talk about final fantasy, if we said FFX we will remember zanarkand Sound track directly, FFVIII eye on me, alot of really romantic musics, but there is no special sound track in FFXIII, also all sound tracks about 30 maximum.
at last this is a good rpg game to play, but you have to remove from your mind that you're playing final fantasy.
I hope You love my review, and i think its a helfull, and sorry for little bad english (i think little bad:P) because i'm not speaking english.
enjoy the game and have a nice day.
thanks for reading