Incredible music, fast paced combat, plot and characters that are perfect together make this one a must play !

User Rating: 10 | Final Fantasy XIII PS3
First I have to say straight out: This game is Amazing! Sure I was already with high expectations for it even before playing it, but even so, it still blew me away.

Without going deep into the game I'm going to mention what I like about the game itself before going into some technical aspects.

This game has the best party in any other game of the Final Fantasy franchise. I don't mean that all of them are super cool, but they're all really charismatic and very likeable. But that I mean that in every other FF game there was at least someone which I simply hated or couldn't care less (Kimari, Quina, Gau, Selhpie ? Anyone?) . And not only that, before playing the game you kind of already know how you feel about each character you'll like but as the game kept going they were all growing on me, even Snow which sadly was the one I liked less.

The story in the game felt really good, I won't this time say it's the best but it's very well done, clear, believable (given the world's background) and more importantly FUN! For those that love that super complicated plot, this is not it, but even more than a complicated plot, I like an RPG where your characters really feel like a party, they care for each other and even disagree. They really feel as if they were alive, much like most Metal Gear characters.

The battle system in this game is again, for me, the best by far. Fights are fast, enemies are aggressive and they force you to pay attention to every battle, even some normal enemies. Bosses are all great, with a great music, the right amount of difficulty, putting you right in the mood of the fight.

Your leveling is very much alike the one in Final Fantasy X, which is good by me because it gives your characters a job they are good at, instead of making everyone the same as the next one. In this case, they are roles, and instead of one specific you have 3 throughout most of the game, which in a certain way makes you to use all the characters, and you start liking them more, of course, end game, they star becoming more of the same.

Now going into the technical aspects. Firstly what most impressed me: the music.

The music is by far, and this time I really mean it, the best in the series. I love Nobuo Uematsu's works but Masashi Hamauzu's work in FFXIII is amazing! I have no idea how so many different kinds of songs could fit so well and perfect for each character, scene, battle and all. A special note to the final boss music, this one is awesome, it really felt like the last boss was the most menacing thing you could see (It reminded me a little of the last fight with Kefka from FFVI).

The graphics are another beautiful eye candy. The areas you travel through are mostly really narrow, which for some is an issue but at least that gave the developers a chance to make every piece of it more beautiful than you could ever imagine. Character's models are a sight to look at, they're all gorgeous. Monsters are varied, spell effects in battle each have a visual, and the summons are the most impressive I've seen.

Overall, this game is a blast from star to finish. For anyone with a Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 to overlook this game is the same to commit a crime. Every aspect of this game is top notch, be it CGs, graphics, gameplay, music, voice acting (Japanese version) or any other.

For any RPG fan, gamer, PS3/360 owner this game is a must play!