an ok FF game just dont expect it to be any better

User Rating: 6.5 | Final Fantasy XIII PS3
i freakin love Final fantasy alot i have been with it since final fantasy 9, but 13 has variety and qualities that are nothing like any of the games at all except afew things that make it feel like an ok game

a big JRPG person like me obviously would want to play this game and then be dissapointed by it like everyone else but believe me i was dissapointed, and i was very excited to play it when i first heard about it back in 2007 or whatever year it was firstr announced, the characters differ from forgettable and annoying to very loveable and sympathetic

snow - ok
hope - cute yet emo in a cute way :3
vannile - annoying at first but grows on you
lightning - she may seem slightly unattractive but she is kinda cool
oerba yun fang - hot and really really badass
sazh - can be funny and decent

now gameplay wise it differs from boring to enjoyable but still all you do is just press X / A (if your using a PS3 or xbox 360) what i mean is all you do from here on out is nothing but auto attackking in battles, enemy appears press X, Press X, press X, auto battle commencing, and that is 1 flaw really i mean final fantasy has never been this boring,

at least in FF12 it has a auto attack feature like an mmo with options to choose from with a unique very amazing gambit system and most of the characters are likeable "most"

also the game may be linear as hell but it has nice music. other than that i have nothing to say its an alright / ok rpg in the series