Simply Amazing

User Rating: 10 | Final Fantasy XIII PS3
I imported the game and got my copy last week, I can say that it is a captivating game, I can say that on the base of the graphics, new battle system, story line and I can go on and on....., but also it have some points that I felt that a little bit disappointing such as the low mobility in term of maps.

As always the graphics on Final Fantasy games as high as the sky compared to other games, basically because they get even the smallest details and sometimes I think of it as an alternative world that I would love live in. To sum things up FF games always set the standard for the graphics.

New battle System:
I can describe it as challenging, but what good a game without some innovative challenges in it. I can say it takes an average person one to two hours to get used to the new system.

Story line:
As always the story sucks you in and you can't wait to know what going to happen next, I was living a struggle there because I wanted to know what happen in with the story, but at the same time I don't want to finish the game way to soon I want to enjoy it more.

As for the low mobility in term of maps I can say I don't consider it as a drawback yet as they say nothing is perfect in this world

Hope anyone who read my review enjoys the game as I did, oh by the way I will also buy the English version because I will enjoy the story line even more.