Underrated and hides greatness.

User Rating: 8 | Final Fantasy XIII PS3
This game started off a bit hurtful in the sense of being too different than previous ff's. However when you get used to the battle system it will rock. It has terrific flow this game. A unique flow but fair. Some complain about characters but they match the game's flow. So the characters aren't so bad. It has a fast pace - more fast than others but easy enough to use. Leveling up is an addictive pleasure - unlike previous ff games. It really has amazing graphics and an intoxicating hunt. There will be quests for you to partake on this and they are superb and a huge part of the reason this game is so high. It's dreamy. Lack is a word you can't use with this. It has diversity when it comes to battle choices, you use paradigms. Paradigms are a switch between different tactics. Focus on them, and find which paradigm shift is right for what moment, or start. Some parts are hard - they require patience and tactical thinking. But towards the end section you can explore and narrow-adventure through certain areas you passed through pastly. That's where the game earns its marks.