great story for the series but ths combat needs tuning to make easyier for some players to enjoy it

User Rating: 7 | Final Fantasy XIII PS3
i will start i love most of the final fantasy games. this one is notwhat i call one main favorites but it up there. the game has great graphics and story telling. it reminded me of ff 10 a lot.the only problem with the games was the combat could`ve been easyier for those players who enjoy the the story and not good at the combat at the game. or at least give you an easy mode for those i who enjoy the story and normal who those who like a challenging combat.Other than that this game is great and fun to play.people complain about the gam being to linear. truth is so was ff 10 and it was a great game.and besides a large majority of games are linear.the voice acting in the game is really great and you can nearly feel for these characters.All though this is a very good game that needs some minor changes though to make it better.that is why i can only give this game a 7.this doesn`t take away that it has great graphics but for the games overall quality of it as a whole.