The very only things you're gonna enjoy are fighting and movies.. nothing more, I mean it!

User Rating: 6 | Final Fantasy XIII PS3
The first day I purchased the game I spent over 12 hours playing it, it was awesome.. but then I just realized there's nothing but fighting.. I'm already on chapter 9 and fighting is the only thing I did for the 22 hours I played. Oh yea, and watching some cool movies.

Actually you can win most normal fights by just pressing O button, since you're only playing with one character.

By the way, the soundtracks are very not remarkable (unlike FF7 & FF8).

I've been to a Japanese language school, so my Japanese is kinda ok. Also I have my Japanese girlfriend translating some stuff for me. I like the story.. it's not that good but it's fine.

The game is very limited, there's nothing you can do but fighting. No towns to explore.. no additional games (cards, blitz ball etc...), no levels, you can't choose players, you can't go back, 1 summon for every character.

The graphics are completely terrific though, the best thing so far.

Overall the game is disappointing.