User Rating: 10 | Final Fantasy XIII PS3
I'll keep it short. This game is huge. Excellent graphics-GC movies are beautiful, like all Final Fantasy games. Great music. Overall, a great game. Just a couple of notes-I do have the Japanese version, so of course it'll make a lot more sense if you understand Japanese (which I do fortunately). The theme song is going to be different in the US version from the Japanese version (Sugawara Sayuri for JPN version) if music is a big deal to anyone. Also, it's kind of interesting if you have an American PS3 and the Japanese version of the game, the game changes some stuff to fit its American console. For example, usually the O button is confirm in Japan and X is cancel, but it switches this on a US version of the PS3 with the Japanese game (X is confirm, O cancel). Also, the trophies, when acquired are listed in English. I have my system settings to Japanese but it stills pops up in English, but when I compare trophies to other friends, it changes it to Japanese (kinda strange). Anyway, I digress...Get this game. Enjoy it. And has the great Steve Miller Band says, Keep on Rocking me, Baby.

Oh and PS, Lightning is pretty freakin' sweet.