I want my 74 hours back

User Rating: 3 | Final Fantasy XIII PC
Let's start with a simple phrase: this game is BORING. In terms of gameplay and story it's just a harsh mess which is didn't even know what the hell its wants to be. I played this game for 74 hoping it will get fun and exciting but no. It isn't. If during first 30 hours u can at least enjoy beautiful cutscenes, then after you will arrive on Gran Pulse the game will slow down to a crawl do to insanly high hp numbers of enemies. The second frustrating thing is terrible upgrade system of weapons and accessories. They are different on paper, but in fact their bonuses or synthesis benefits didn't having any visible impacts during combat. Combat mechanics is long boring and repetitive Ai is plain stupid. Bosses are annoying and often make the long and boring combat even worse The pulse missions are unrewarding because the rewards are another junk accessories that u will never use. Stay away from this game at all costs unless u wish to lose any interest to play jrpg's as genre