Not bad

User Rating: 8 | Final Fantasy XIII PS3

I must say i am a great fan of JRPG and Final fantasy in particular. I like this mindless straight forward great story games. Ok they are not as complex as skyrim, but when the story is great and the fighting system balanced we have seen some of the greatest games ever (FFVII, Xenoblade chronicles, Ni no kuni etc). Final fantasy XIII is a good JRPG. It has great visual, good story and it is perfectly balanced and tested (it has no updates and no glitches). It fails though to become one of the great JRPG in my opinion for two reasons:

-First of all the fighting system is average. Although the AI works great and although the role selection is also good, the characters fail to differentiate enough and the auto battle makes you really bashing the X button. After a while your sole participation in battle remains the change of the paradigms (I wonder why they dont consider the materia system again).

- Second reason of FFXIII failure in my opinion is the characters. With the biggest precentage of the players being men, the failure of having a male character that one can relate to is a silly mistake. Too much attention was given to female character which is fine but they must remember that FFVII was made great mainly because of Cloud, Barret and of course the grat vilain Sephiroth. FF is a ROLE playing game, and men need to see great male characters they can relate to. Its not Tomb raider where you can just enjoy the visuals.