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For treasure hunter trophy, does it have to be in one play through? I got the ribbon on a different save. Is it still possible to get it even if you missed stuff before getting to Valis Media and in the Tesseracts? Is it possible to beat Indomitable Will without magic immunity? I don't know if I want to spend the money and a third entite ring for it. Anyone think farming scarletites good for getting cash? Better than credit and incentive chips? I have always thought this Platinum trophy was crazy, but I want to try it.

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This might depress you, but you need to acquire every single item, accessory, weapon, and any other miscellaneous object in one playthrough. This includes every single upgrade possible of every accessory and weapon. If you have the guide, then that should help; otherwise, you're going to have to start a new game and remember to not sell anything and save the upgrading for later. I got the Platinum trophy after 250+ hours, but it took me a few playthroughs to realize the achievement/trophy is only awarded in one playthrough.