Gran pulse help please?

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Please read this and answer:) I just reached gran pulse and the cieth missions. But when I got there, the enemies were extremely powerful. The behemoth, the turtle etc. What should I do? Should I grind? Are the enemies going to get stronger later on, or can I just move on? My current team is: Light, snow, and hope. All my characters reached level 3 in the roles that were given during each end of chapter. I might not level up all the roles in each character, or should I do that to progress the game. Please help. Thank you.
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You don't need to deal with any of them for now. Move on, the game is much more enjoyable when you're forced to strategize and make the best use of what you have. If you insist on leveling up, manually have Vanille cast Death repeatedly on Adamantoises.
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You know, he said he just got to pulse. You don't unlock death until the end of the pulse chapters

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I'd suggest some grinding. There are missions you can undertake in Gran Pulse for good rewards, and those enemies are stronger than normal enemies. The bosses in the upcoming battles are even more dangerous, and you can't afford to be too weak to kill them.
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Whoa, there. Do not, I repeat, do NOT even attempt to fight one of the "turtle" monsters you see lumbering around the Steppe. You will get your butt handed to you on a silver platter. Those monsters, and the higher-class A missions must be left until the very last hours of the game (not the storyline, but end-game play). As for your party, I would recommend switching to a part of Lightning (leader), Fang, and Hope. Lightning will serve as your all-round character, Fang will be your heavy-hitter and tank, and Hope will provide Ravager skills and quick healing. This party is almost essential, though not required, to defeat most enemies in FFXIII, especially the tougher ones. At this point in the game, you won't be nearly powerful enough to fight the Adamantortoises (the turtles), but after the credits, you can return and begin to level up to defeat them. Right now, the best way to level-up and prepare you for later locations is to play through AT LEAST 10 Mark missions. This is a great strategy because, although it can be tough at first, you will get some great rewards and CP to get you on your way. From this point on is what we call the "difficulty spike". Meaning, things are going to get a whole lot tougher. Following my tips, you should be able to scrounge enough CP to get you characters maxed out on their main role, which will prove helpful in the battles on Pulse. As for paradigms, I like the ones that really force you to strategize and be at the top of your game. These worked for me, and you can tweak them to fit whatever party you are using. Paradigms for the Light/Fang/Hope party: RELENTLESS ASSAULT- Lightning (Ravager), Hope (Ravager), Fang (Commando) PROTECTION- Lightning (Medic), Hope (Synergist), Fang (Sentinel) COMBAT CLINIC- Lightning (Medic), Hope (Medic), Fang (Sentinel) DELTA ATTACK- Lightning (Commando), Hope (Ravager), Fang (Sentinel) MYSTIC TOWER- Lightning (Ravager), Hope (Ravager), Fang (Sentinel) AGGRESSION- Lightning (Commando), Hope (Ravager), Fang (Commando) Relentless Assault is easily the best paradigm for knocking down the health bar of enemies, and can be used to drive up the Chain Gauge/ Stagger Gauge. Lightning and Hope will work together to Stagger enemies while Fang delivers the strong attacks. Protection can be used at the start of any mission battle to prepare your party for the battle to come. Enemies are going to attack you no matter what, so Lightning's healing and Fang's duties as Sentinel help to absorb and rebut attacks while Hope applies necessary buffs. Combat Clinic can be used as a quick healing session or to prepare for an incoming attack that could potentially wipe out your leader. Enemies are distracted by Fang while Lightning and Hope quickly heal the party and remove any status ailments. Delta Attack is absolutely essential at your point of the game. It provides the safest way to victory; it's best used on all enemies on Gran Pulse, until you return after-credits to play. Lightning and Hope slowly but surely exterminate enemies while Fang provides distraction. Mystic Tower is a great paradigm for staggering enemies while they're distracted by Fang's Provoke. Make sure a Commando has attacked beforehand, though, or it'll be hard to keep the Stagger Gauge steady. Lightning and Hope can pound away at enemies' Stagger Gauges while Fang provides distraction. Aggression- Even if you're tackling a tough enemy Mark or just power-leveling, if Lightning and Fang have got enough power to work together to take down enemies faster than a Ravager/Commando combo, shift to this one! After enemies are staggered and the gauge takes longer than ten seconds to deplete, Paradigm Shift to Aggression to finish them off quickly. I hope that helped! Once again, I highly recommend the party listed above; the party you are using now don't allow for as smooth of gameplay.