Cie th Stone Missions

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At what point does the game make you move on with the story in chapter 11? I am on the fence about how many missions I want to do because I am getting kinda bored but I also don't want to short change myself and have a weak team.

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The story progresses when you get to Oerba. Don't miss the cutscene you get by visiting the ruins of Paddra in Ch. 11
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I haven't played this in a long time. What cutscene is it?
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Vanille and Fang talk about Cocoon and Gran Pulse with the group, Dahaka flys by.
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It doesn't really matter how many missions you do because at the end of the game you are able to go back there and complete them all.

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Is anyone else stuck on the ceith missions. I can't pass the final boss and mission 51 from the trials. I'm so mad. I think I'm going to try and get the five star ratings on the missions.