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I am at the part where its a cut scene then after its just Snow in the cycle fighting the orion and the solders i get it down to where its just snow and the orion and i die everytime i cant beat him.....whats the problem here? HELP PLEASE
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Focus all the eidolons attacks on the orion damaging it as much as possible. once the summon ends, hopefully all the little guys should be dead or nearly dead. Now that it's just the orion left switch to sentinel whenever it attacks and attack with ravager or commando. I'm not shure what the stagger point is, but if it's low - med try to stagger it. Remember your potions

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The easiest way is to wipe all enemies out with the Shiva Eidolon. You really aren't supposed to have to fight the Orion because the game wants you to defeat the enemies with Snow's Eidolon, but it happened to me my first time, too. You see the Stagger Gauges for enemies in the top right screen? Don't let that deplete. Constantly use an attack; as soon as one ends, pick another one, and fast. You won't have a lot of time to read how to do them, but just keep attacking over and over again. Focus on the Orion and perform wide-area attacks; this should wipe out not only the PSICOM soldiers, but the Orion as well. Worse come to worse, you'll have to retry the battle; it's much easier to just retry than attempt to beat Orion. However, if you still want to try defeating the Orion, once you fail the first time, you are given the chance to go to the main menu and level-up Snow at the Crystarium. Invest all CP and equip HP+ boosting accessories and a Strength-oriented weapon. Hope this helps!