Best story driven RPG?

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I am eager to play a good story driven RPG. Which of the following is better for that purpose? 1) mass effect trilogy 2)Dragon age 3) Final Fantasy 13 thanks
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I haven't played the three you listed (I'm cosidering getting ff xiii and I'm checking this board out). However, I have played many good rpgs (and games in general) that had excellent stories. You asked for best story-driven rpgs, and I can recommend you some, in order of how good the story was for me:

Planescape Torment (pc) [This takes my #1 spot for best story-driven rpg I have played. It has lots of reading, but the dialogues are so good and so well-written that if good story is what you seek, then you'll love this one for sure.]

Septerra Core (pc) [Excellent story and great characters, but unfortunately you will need a faq or guide to beat the game and the repetitive battles get boring in the 2nd half of the game. It is a pity because the story itself was great. And yes, the story and characters are why I recommend it despite the fact the battles got quite repetitive in the 2nd half.]

Persona 3 FES (ps2) [If you like anime (characters look anime-ish), turn-based rpgs, tons of interaction with non-playable characters, and superb character development, then this is going to be one of your favorite rpgs for both story and gameplay.]

Final Fantasy X (ps2) [FFX's story is nowhere near as intriguing and deep as PT's, but I think it was very good nonetheless (specially if you go in 100% spoiler free). The way it is delivered and the characters are what makes this story great. Also, the gameplay is turn-based style at its very best and the leveling up system in FFX is my favorite of all time. Those and other pros make this a must play and one of the best rpgs, not just for the story, but for the whole package. If someone asks me for story I say Planescape Torment, but if someone asks for one rpg only that rates high in all areas (i.e. gameplay, story, graphics, etc), this is what I would recommend right away. This is for rpgs what God of War is for action games: even if you are not into the genre chances are you will like it anyways because it is very well done.]

Chrono Trigger (snes) [This is a classic with its unique time-travel story. It may be old, but story-wise it won't dissapoint. I prefer PT, FFX, or P3fes over CT, but CT's time-traveling plot is definitely in the top 10 rpg stories.]

Final Fantasy IV (snes/ps1/gba/others)[Just like CT, ff4 may be old, but story-wise it delivers better than most games today. I played the snes version a couple of years ago (2010) and the story made it worth playing for sure.]

Golden Sun and its sequel Golden Sun The Lost Age (gba) [I liked the story in these two rpgs. Each one of the two makes up 1/2 of the full story and they must be played in order.]

DBZ Legacy of Goku 2 (gba) [If you play this action-rpg without knowing anything about the DBZ story at all, then I am sure that you will agree with me: the story in this game was way better than I expected. I can only imagine that the game couldn't have been as great for the DBZ fans who already knew what was going to happen obviously...]

I know those are not ps3 games, but those are the best rpgs I played in terms of story. If good story is what you seek, then look into some of those, you won't be dissapointed. For the record, there are others regarded as A+ storywise which I have not played, those are: SW KOTOR 1, the Xenosaga trilogy, the Mass Effect trilogy

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FFXIII obviously

Pick two

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Probably Xenoblade or Final Fantasy XIII. Mass effect isnt an rpg... its a third person shooter.