What do you think of this game?

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For those that have it and have played it. I recently purchased this new at gamestop for $39.99. Good thing I know the employees very well, so I managed to get it sealed. My thoughts so far is that it's a good game, I'm about 8 hours in. It's different storywise that's for sure. But I have no complaints or dislikes so far. What are your thoughts?
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I liked it, but not quite as much as XIII. The Mog Clock seemed like a throwback to random battles and I miss the level of graphics quality, streamlined story-driven narrative, and easy of exploration in the original. I do hope Square Enix decides to make a XIII-3.
I recently purchased this new at gamestop for $39.99. Good thing I know the employees very well, so I managed to get it sealed.2ndWonder
lol GameStop. The only place where "new" means ripping open games to steal digital copy codes (see OnLive) and getting them sullied by prior customers on display while selling you an extended warranty on it.
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Just beat the game now, Not going to lie, i loved this 100 % more then 13... It wasnt all follow the main story lline constantly, if you wanted a break, well you had a bunch of stuff to do.
The ending was crazy. Epic Game, Id love a FF13- 3 but well see what lightnings DLC brings us.

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It's a peice of crap and shouldnt be called a FF game.
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Not quite as impressive as XIII, but a solid game nonetheless. Story is dissapoiting and graphics can look worse than XIII's at times (Lightning's model, Valhalla, and Bresha Ruins after Atlas's defeat all look pretty crappy), but gameplay, world design, and fun characters kept me coming back for more. It's a good game, but doesn't stand up compared to the epic of XIII.
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I haven't played 13-2 and I don't think I'm going to. The FF franchise has become such a gamble. Here's my top 3 favs in order for some reference- 12, 8, 7, and the only reason 7 is in 3rd is it's age. That is to say, be behind the wheel of Gran Turismo 5 for 1000 hours then play Pole Position. Kinda like that. I couldn't play 9 at all. I tried multiple times but the lead role having a tail? I just couldn't see past the cutsey crap. 10 was good but it had a permanent awkwardness with me that never shook free. I couldn't finish 10-2. If it wasn't a FF game I may have liked it more because I wouldn't have had any expectations or preconceived notions about it but I say confidently that 10-2 was one of the worst FFs ever. Never played 11. 13? The battle system kept me hooked just deep enough to finish it but it being so linear was an ongoing disappointment for me. After decades of playing FF titles, I think I'm done. There's too much else out there that needs my attention. Gambit? Yes. Gamble? No.

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I actually platinum 13, and I'm not the type to chase achievements in games. Tried out 13-2, and just can't get the same motivation that I had like the original.