Another great role playing game that gives PS2 a great final farewell.

User Rating: 9.4 | Final Fantasy XII PS2
FFXII has a really good overall story without the random battles. The fighting and regular play are all combined together smoothly. The gambit and licence systems are really innovative and yes, towards the end of the game when you have the best gambits there is still micro-managing to be done with the tougher battles. One of the things they could have improved was the in-depth story with each of the characters. I felt like I just knew the "tip of the iceberg" with some characters. Another slight disappointment was to finding some of the better weapons as that they are random in the one or two places that they are located.

Stunning movies and a huge playable land of Ivalice makes it very easy on the eyes.

Decent music but not as good as the other final fantasy games.

An overall great game and I would definitely play this game again.