Final Fantasy XII leaves gamers with a lot of fun and heart touching experiences in a beautiful world of fantasy.

User Rating: 8.5 | Final Fantasy XII PS2
The story starts with the war between two great powers for the kingdom of Dalmasca. The Princess, Lady Ashe was made to suffer because of the loss of her loved one to this war and she wants to protect her land from intruders and in her quest meets Vaan, in a fateful encounter in a secret passage way beneath the city. The story turns around these characters to free their homeland.

The game was crafted with a lot of attention to detail. the massive deserts, an impressive vast plains and the pretty blue seas, everything about the environments we see will put gamers in a world of fantasy and adventure. The combat experience is an additional fun to the game. Unlike the other games in the series Final Fantasy XII has a dynamic and an action like experience instead of the traditional wait mode battle system in other games of the series. The gambits come in handy to put the fight for the kingdom much more intense.

As the story goes on, the game gets intense and push the gamers more into the game. Final Fantasy XII is a perfect blend of amazing visuals, interesting missions and impressive combat mechanics and boss battles.