Square Suckered Me Out Of My $20

User Rating: 1 | Final Fantasy XI: Vana'diel Collection 2 X360
I've been wanting to play FFXI forever, and not being a PC owner. When it came to Xbox360 I was ecstatic. The only problem is that by this time they didn't care about FFXI anymore, they're worried about FFXIV. So when I got it and the servers were down all weekend, I had to wait till Monday to play. When I finally did get to login, I got all of 1 day of play time. The next day I tried to log in and the game told me I had been banned from play and to contact customer service for info. I did and they said I cheated...I don't even know how to play at this point and they said I cheated and used "real world money"...I literally had to get one of them to explain what that meant so the fact that they were accusing me of it made me furious. I called them back for the next 2 months to see if I could get my claim reversed but it never happened. I to this day have not gotten to play again, nor do I ever want to. Worst gaming experience ever. Square has literally taken 2 years off my life for all the stress they put me through.