Forced grouping kills what was potentially a great game.

User Rating: 5 | Final Fantasy XI PC
Sure, there are some job classes that do have solo viability but the exp/hr ratio is so bad, you'll quickly become so bored. Other than that, if you have plenty of friends and you're of similar level then static grouping is the only way to earn decent exp - because wait for it, thats just the way the game is, same old tired method of searching for a group, travelling to an area, pick a group of mobs, set camp and farm mobs until your eyes are bleeding.

This ancient and boring method of mob farming should have been killed off along time ago, but some companies still prefer this method of gameplay, quest wise there really isn't that many quests to complete either unless you want to count all the special job unlocks...some of which are extremely difficult and very, very time consuming indeed, even worse are the rank missions unless you have a high level friend helping.

Finally, if your a social gamer only and you maybe find a copy of FFXI cheaply then its maybe worth a try, but honestly if you want to be able to solo and group at your discretion then FFXI isn't the game for you, because of the utter lack of solo viability. Otherwise, at the later levels expect a lot of LFG downtime.