User Rating: 9 | Final Fantasy XI (PlayOnline Entry Disc) PS2
Now, i haven't played the PC version of this game, so im not going to complain about some of the PS2 version's drawbacks compared to its PC cousin. As far as massive online RPG's go, I haven't seen any other that can match up to this. The graphics are good, once you realize that its a massive online game. The sound, although not Squares best, is wonderful (very realistic battle sounds). As far as value, you'll play this game until the day you die. I've played it for more than 30 hours, and i've only gone to 2 areas. The gameplay is both fun and challenging, with some tweaks to make the combat system fairly original. Overall, i recommend this game to anyone who's a FF fan, and also those who want to have a game you can always come back to.