A really time consuming game.

User Rating: 8.4 | Final Fantasy XI (PlayOnline Entry Disc) PS2
PS2 version of FF11 give 3 good things, first you dont have to worry about your computer stats and see if it runs it, or have hidden spyware to steal your pass, or popup. then you dont have to worry TOO MUCH about getting your account stolen via hacks or whatever, because there is a poll that shows most accounts that got ban, stolen, hax, blah blah is because the user is using 3rd party program aka stuff they shouldnt use to help them play more effectively. And last there is usually very little issue with ps2, I play FF11 for 2 years now, not once I get problem going online, other than updates.

FF12 is huge, 2 years have been passed and i havent got near to see everything that this game offer while another expansion is coming out. You need a butt load of time and patient to play this game and that is all.