Thinking About Buying; Question About Battle System

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Hello, everyone.

My wife and I have debated buying this game for a while now. It has been a very long time since I played any true RPG. I honestly believe the last one may have been Final Fantasy VIII. Needless to say I am way out of the loop for how RPGs and JRPGs play these days.

The biggest concern we have at the moment is I cannot tell what type of Battle System is used during combat. My wife is concerned we would not like the structure.

So, my question is simple. Can anyone suggest a 360 game that has either an identical, or highly similar, Battle System that we can compare it to? Preferably one with a demo so that we can try it out and see if it is something we would enjoy.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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This game is really old.  There isn't much point in playing it now unless you've played it before, and want to feel the pain of nostalgia with each zone you visit.

I can't think of a 360 game that would feel the same as FFXI.  Basically if you're meleeing, there will be a delay between each attack based on your weapon.  The lower the delay, the faster you auto attack.  When you get 100%-300%TP you use a weapon skill, and some of the weapon skills will allow you to do a skill chain that does extra damage.  That is if you use the skill at the correct time before/after the other person uses one. 

Mages don't have to be looking at the enemy, and they don't rely on TP.  Just cast away without getting hate.  Moving cancels your cast.

Obviously a brief description of the combat system, but that's basically it.  You can move around and kite enemies as well.  Some end game mobs need to be kited.  Some weapons work a little better on specific mobs than others, just like some elemental magic is more effective on a certain mob than others. 

Honestly, though, I'd pass on this game if you haven't played it before unless you know people who would grind you through it.  No one does any old content, and the new content gets boring fast. 

Just to give you an idea...  I reactivated my account a year ago to see what the game was like.  When I went on my hefty trip of memory lane, I was literally the only person in almost every zone I traveled through that was part of RoZ, WotG, ToAU, and CoP.  It was very lonely.

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I can't even think of a 360 game to compare it to. combat "felt" like Final Fantasy 12 singleplayer I guess in the most general sense. it's pretty slow paced compared to WoW for example. battle was definately not solo-friendly for the most part. even just levelling at a decent pace means getting a party of 5. getting great gear or doing missions were very fun, facing boss type monsters, despite being slow repetitive long battles. unfortunately unlike WoW, this sometimes meant actually camping around waiting for a monster to spawn, along with other people looking for the same thing, and only 1 party can fight something at once. not just teleporting to a private instance of dungeon where a boss is ready for you to slaughter. it's one of the MMO's that is not for the casual impatient player, in the days of WoW-type games where you can login and solo quests and feel like you got some stuff done. low population now would definately make me think twice about checking back into the game, I still remember 5+hour sessions in it's hey-day that ended up in failure in some way, or not even getting that far due to not finding random players outside of your "guild" willing to help. i will say that the community was pretty awesome though something I haven't found has even come close in other MMOs. people seemed respect each other's time, because this game is pretty punishing unless you're organized with patient people who are in it for the long haul. an example if the game hasn't changed much: one of the greatest items I ever wanted and obtained was a chest piece that took me 3-5 hours a week working with my guild at a scheduled time on Saturdays, killing the same bosses over and over. I got it after about 2 months after being inserted into the pecking order that was around 20-30 people who wanted it also sorry if the WoW comparisons aren't doing anything for you, I really can't think of anything on 360 that would be adequate. i have to agree with the other guy, if you're not looking for a game specifically like this one i'd pass on it, there are many other MMOs that would be a much safer bet where you and your wife could login for just a few hours and be satisfied with your progression