Returning player, any hope of finding a party or getting the new expansions?

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I haven't played this game in like 4 years, give or take a few months. It was pretty busy when I first started playing it back in 2008. Now, it's a ghost town. I'm guessing everyone has moved on to XIV. My main problems is that there isn't anyone near my lvl that I can party with to do missions or even do quests, and that I can't get the content IDs for the new expansions because they don't sell them anymore at GameStop. So, my question is, is there really any one else on here that might be around a lvl 16 on the Cerberus server? And is there any way besides paying 50 bucks for a new copy of the newer game that came out besides ebay or amazon? I really want to get back into this game and I'm afraid that it might be too late. Am I right on that? Thanks. You can find me on XBL as R0ck R0berts and in game as Maligore on the Cerberus server.
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The game has changed alot you might find lower level paties occasionally in Gusgen doing "book" burn other than that most people 30+ pretty much just leech in Abyssea because they are lazy and/or there aren't many people these days to find at the properiate level and that want to do old school exp areas since leeching in abyssea is about 10-14 hours from 30-99.