Never played an MMO, but love classic JRPGs: would I like FFXI?

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I love video games so much, and I love JRPGS above all else. I grew up playing Pokémon, Mario & Luigi, and The Legend of Zelda (if you want to stretch Zelda as an Action-RPG) and continued on discovering other classic JRPGs throughout my life like Final Fantasy III, IV, VI, VII, X, and The 4 Heroes of Light; every Dragon Quest from IV to IX, several Shin Megami Tensei games, all four Persona games, most of the Fire Emblem games that made it to North America, as well as many, many other one-offs and smaller JRPG series like Chrono Trigger, Baten Kaitos, Ni no Kuni (and many other Level-5 RPGs), and Xenoblade, and others. Other than that I've played countless other classic single-player games that I found great enjoyment with like Okami, Cave Story, every single Metroid game, Shadow of the Colossus, Metal Gear Solid, lots of Super Mario, and many, many others (that IS NOT a comprehensive list of my collection by any means). When I play video games I look for and enjoy really engaging and intersting game mechanics; interesting, relatable, and/or entertaining characters; a captivating, colorful, and/or pretty, but not necessarily realistic, visual style; catchy, fitting, and/or memorable music; and usually an all-around interesting story to keep things moving (unless the gameplay is strong enough without it, like with Super Mario). I have never played an MMO in my life. I hardly play online at all. Sometimes I play online with Pokémon or Super Smash Bros. or Tatsunoko vs Capcom, but even then I more often play alone or local multi-player face-to-face with my brother or friends. Sometimes I play, again, local co-op with my brother or friends with Portal 2, Scott Pilgrim, or Rayman Origins, but generally I prefer to enjoy a game solo, take it in at my own pace, take in all the creators put into it. However, I would be willing to try Final Fantasy XI or XIV as they are Final Fantasy and I do love JRPGs, but I'm just not sure. 

So my question is simple: given all this, given all of the above information about me, am I the kind of gamer who would enjoy Final Fantasy XI or XIV? Or would they not really be Final Fantasy to me?

Also, sorry for the noob-ish question. I am intrigued by FFXI and XIV because they're FF, I love JRPGs and everything that comes with them, including grinding to an extent. The online community and working together with other people all sounds kind of interesting, too. But I just don't want to dive headlong into some monthly perscription thing thinking "Oh cool! It'll be just like good ol' Final Fantasy III on the DS! (^_^)" when it really won't be.