Great MMO if you don't like PvP.

User Rating: 8.5 | Final Fantasy XI: Vana'diel Collection 2008 PC
Like many other Vana'diel adventurers, the FF series of games have grown up with me through childhood. I've learned the basis of turn-based fighting, calling summons, espers, guardians, etc., and so much more. We have also learned that what others call tedious and just boring, to be necessary for lvl'ing and surviving the next big boss. FFXI allows for the avid FF player to play a great game, with many other along side them. I've enjoyed this for years, and can say that I'm closer to my linkshell than my guild in WoW. The only drawback, if you consider this a con, is the lack of PvP. Of course any FF player can travel to the arena to do battle, but that's pretty much it if you want to test your prowl and skill against your friends, or even that guy that stole your drop! To get down to it, I believe that FFXI is a wonderful game, and the Collection 2008 opens up different classes and abilities to allow you to explore and enjoy Vana'diel to it's growing fullness. I can't say this game is better or worse than WoW. But I can say that for fifteen bucks a month, this MMO has been a great use of my time.