I goin to tell you the answer for this question Why this is a cool game?

User Rating: 9.6 | Final Fantasy X (Mega Hits!) PS2
you never can say i complete the game in 100%, because you all the time goin to find something new. and this game is good because have more than 100 hour playable. in the game you fell the pasion for play one rely play because this game is one masterpiece for squareenix and any colletion, the only game good like this is final fantasy VII one great game like this one.

I can say this do every you can for play this game because this is great, only look i play this game 4 time looking for the 100% but is dificult to obtain this porcent and this is for player don`t use tips, cheat, codes don`t use nothing and you can see why is so good.