One of the better final fantasy stories told. Definately lives up to the final fantasy name.

User Rating: 10 | Final Fantasy X (Mega Hits!) PS2

The story is really well written and the voice acting is very good. Auron's voice actor is very good. Blitzball is one of the best mini-games in the final fantasy series and that alone is 20 hours of fun. Sphere grid leveling system is simple and very well done and it gives each character unique skills. The only problem is that the main part of the game itself is not very difficult.


Backgrounds, characters, cut-scenes, well basically all the graphics are extremely good.


Just like every final fantasy a good sound track that is memorable.


Its well worth playing (about 45 hours for the main story). Lots of story after every area. The only problem is the disappointment of the game and final boss being too easy.