A story with romance,heartbreak,destruction,time travel,political corruption,emotional abuse,pain and massive twists!

User Rating: 10 | Final Fantasy X (Mega Hits!) PS2

Final Fantasy X starts off in a futuristic metropolis where Tidus a star Blitzball player is signing autographs and preparing for a Blitzball game(Blitzball is a very popular sport on their world) and all of a sudden their city of Zanarkand is attacked by a giant creature named Sin that releases smaller creatures called Sin Spawn and they start attacking people.

Tidus bumps into Auron,a friend of his father who Tidus has not seen in years(you learn Tidus's father disappeared when he went on a mission)and Tidus and Auron fight off the Sin spawn but Tidus is sucked up by Sin and wakes up 1000 years in the future.

Tidus finds out in the future,the people believe Sin is their punishment for using technology and destroying nature,and everytime they kill Sin,Sin is reborn again.Sin always attacks villages that use machines(what they refer to as machina)or villages that destroy or deplete nature to a greater extent.

You even see FMV footage of Sin destroying villages in seconds with tsunamis,tornadoes and powerful energy blasts.

Tidus meets a bunch of characters who will later form a group,they are

Rikku-An Al Bhed(The Al Bhed are considered evil for using technology,but Rikku took Tidus on her boat and fed him when he first arrived 1000 years in the future,so Tidus knows she is not evil.Although Rikku was the first person Tidus meets 1000 years in the future,she doesn't join the group until half way through the game.

Wakka-A conservative islander who is very loyal towards Yevon,the religion the people 1000 years in the future follow,which forbids the use of technology and destruction of nature.Wakka is also a blitzball team captain and introduced Tidus to the group because he was impressed with Tidus's Blitzball skills.

LuLu-a snobby sorceress who is also very conservative and looks down at Tidus a lot.

Yuna-A beautiful female summoner who is the person the grouo are protecting(they are her guardians)Yuna was named after lady Yunalesca,the first person to kill Sin,and her father Sir Braska also killed Sin too,and Yuna hopes to kill Sin and bring ''the Calm'' a period of time before Sin is reborn.

Kimahri-A panther humanoid from a race called the Rhonso.He has been Yuna's guardian since she was a child,he is very protective of Yuna but barely says a word.His race see him as a deserter for leaving his tribe and other Rhonso always take cheap shots at Kimahri.

Auron-Auron and Tidus's father(Sir Jecht)were the guardians of Sir Braska and are greatly respected by the people in the world of Spira.This doesn't make sense to Tidus at first because his father and Auron are from 1000 years in the past,but later on it is revealed how it is possible,and it's a huge twist you will never guess.Auron has a cool,calm personality,he seems confident and wise and his eyeshades help add to his mysteriousness too

The story does a great job of introducing the characters at just the right time.

Tidus himself is very friendly and bubbly,he holds a great deal of anger towards his father due to the emotional abuse his father gave him,and how he felt everything he did was never good enough for his father.Tidus though is very kind and has a goofy sense of humor.

The people on Spira are always sad because Sin is destroying their world but Tidus is able to cheer Yuna up and make her laugh and understands her so they fall in love.But Tidus receives a shock at what Yuna must do to kill Sin,and he receives a huge shock when he finds out Sin's true identity.

Other twists include the political corruption,what are Seymour's motives? is worshipping Yevon and the Fayth the right thing to do? blackmail comes into the story,and other twists I don't want to ruin for you,but will leave you with tears in your eyes.

The full motion video is breath taking,the people and city of Luca look so real.When Sin destroy villages in seconds with tsunami's,giant tornadoes,and energy blasts big enough to penetrate all the way to the ocean floor and circle the planet,it looks shocking and spectacular at the same time.

Real people being used for the full motion video brings it more to life,and the cinematography is beautiful,with beautiful water effects,and I love the full motion video scene when Seymour shows the characters Zanarkand 1000 years in the past with the city all lite up at night with people walking around and beautiful views of the galaxy.

On cut scenes the characters show realistic facial expressions and you even see tears in their eyes.The characters have unique fashion but it also matches who are they eg Tidus and his father Jecht wear the same fashion,Auron wears the same uniform as Braska,Kimahri dresses like a warrior,Lulu's black outfit makes her look like a witch,Rikku has her high tech gadgets etc.

The environments vary from the futuristic metropolis of Zanarkand,to the beautiful tropical island of Besaid, with white sand,crystal blue water,plam trees,waterfall and island village.Over the ocean,other tropical islands,temples,city of Luca,country side,forest,Seymour's mansion with the vegetation growing inside is just plain creepy,spirit plains,lightning plains,Macalania with the beautiful stars,snowy mountains,desert and canyons,grassy plains,caves,airship,Zanarkand ruins 1000 years in the future and even inside Sin and Sin's mind!

Well gameplay is usually the most important thing,but Final Fantasy X is story based,so the story makes up most of the gameplay experience.

However you will have a lot of fun exploring the locations,it's so adventurous how one minute your in the futuristic city of Zanarkand,and the next your on a beautiful tropical island.There is also hidden locations and side quests to be found too.
Basically it's your typical turn based Japanese RPG,go from village to village,random monster battles,levelling up on the way,and revealing the story.Like in Japanese RPG's you need to spend a lot of time levelling up,but the sphere grid allows your characters to become powerful much quicker than in other Japanese RPG's so you won't need to grind your way through the game.However you have a lot of levelling up to do before you'll be any match for some of the bosses.

All the characters are needed at some point,eg Auron,Tidus,Wakka and Kimahri for strength,Auron for armor break,Tidus for Hastega,Wakka to take out flying enemies.LuLu for elemental enemies,Yuna for her Aeon overdrives and healing,and Rikku for her ability to pull the legs of robots and her Al Bhed potions.

Characters are fully healed at save points,and healing magic can be used outside of battle,saving you a lot of money and time.

The characters speak with amazing expression in their voice,you can tell if they are happy,sad,angry,emotional etc.
When Tidus and Yuna are in the lake under the stars and Yuna is crying and Tidus holds her and kisses her,you hear the beautiful Asian love song Suteki Da Ne play and it brings a tear to your eye.

When Tidus is about to fight his father the music changes to a sad tune,and hearing the emotion in his voice and his father's voice will also bring a tear to your eyes.

The characters voices suit their personalities perfectly.

The music suits the locations,from the peaceful music in the tropical island of Besaid,to the gentle music in the country and forest.

You hear chanting for Yevon at the temples,at Blitzball games you hear heavy rock music and crowds roaring.When your high up on the mountains,you hear the wind blowing.The music can motivate you,or make you feel empathy for the characters.Auron's cool,calm voice acting can even motivate you too when you feel the group is beginning to bond.

TIdus narrates parts of the story letting you know what he was thinking at the time,it has a nice effect.

OVERALL-My favorite game ever and in my opinion the best story for a video game ever,and when you see the ending,you will cry and it's a game you can never forget.