It's Story and Gameplay is like Peanut Butter & Jelly

User Rating: 9.5 | Final Fantasy X (Mega Hits!) PS2
Story - Wow its blows your mind,Yuna is a summoner who is on the quest to bring calm to the world by defeating the Whale-life beast Sin. The calm last for 10 years,but at a price the Summoner must use the final aeon(the Summons) to destroy sin but the final aeon kills the Summoner also. Yuna is not alone she has her gaurdians(one who protects a summoner and helps). The gaurdians are Tidus the blitzball player who's trying to get back home(Who starts a relationship with yuna and teaches her to beleive in herself),Rikku an albhead(a Despise race) who is very handy at times but a little crazy,Wakka a chunky dude who sounds and look he's hawaiin,Lulu his wife- a very dark and gothic person but a strong ally,Ronso he's a beat-blue-whatever type a thing xD! He has a "Intersesting" past,AND MOST OF ALL!!! Sir Freakin' Auron dude is so kick hind his name littteralllyyy means it.

Gameplay~ Your Traditional RPG,Pick select,blah blah,the sphere grid really sucks you in.It's pretty good and strategic. You will find yourself using Yuna alot in parties. Since she summons Aeons like Shiva,Bahumat,and others. Battles are usually harder then you think so you'll find your self grinding a bit.

Graphics: These were some top notch graphics early 2001-2 the enviroment captures your eye. It really helps when understanding the story. But in todays day this is Psone gfx.

Umm why havent already gotten this game??? it's a classic. It's probably too long for most(i havent even completed~Final Sin battle). i'm 55 hours in it. Yeah its pretty immsersive.