It so NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And it was so AWESOME!!!

User Rating: 10 | Final Fantasy X (Mega Hits!) PS2
I am FF's fan!!well,it so nice!!
i like it RPG~~~this is my FF is BEST for playing it!
you all know that? i say that?
it just rigth for them it for PS2~erm..cannot say hard and easy...
it was a medium game!haha....i like yuna and t idus!
the love story make me cry!sob...(haha...)
it so exciting when you play it!just try it~~~FF's FANS!
Other way,it well get it to play it~see it at down here...
On the other hand, if you haven't played much Final Fantasy before, then don't feel too intimidated by Final Fantasy X. It's easy to get into and includes plenty of good tutorial information built right into the game. As long as you're ready to commit some time and energy to it, then Final Fantasy X is a perfectly good place for new players to get acquainted with the series. Like all Final Fantasy games, this one's plot is completely unrelated to any of its predecessors, although series fans will appreciate all the subtle references to the previous games.