Dark Aeons

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I've been back to Besaid village, but I can not fight dark Valefor, what must I do to be able to fight all the dark aeons, Help me please !
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Are you playing the International Version if not then you can't battle them. They are only in the International Version of the game

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So the remastered edition of the game will definitely include the dark aeons.

Unfortunately you made the mistake of missing one of the easiest destruction sphere's to get right at the beginning of the game and Dark Valefor will prevent you from getting inside the village with her 800,000 HP.

Your only option outside of spending 50+ hours training your characters to stand a chance is to obtain Yojimbo in the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth. There are trophy guides such as this one (http://www.playstationtrophies.org/game/final-fantasy-x-hd/guide/) on how you can obtain him.

Once you obtain Yojimbo, use the tactics and strategies listed above to use his Zanmato move on your enemies. It will wipe out the mightiest of bosses, including Dark Valefor. This is your only shot, and hes expensive (200k Gil), but Gil isn't hard to come by in this game.