Trip back down memory lane

User Rating: 9 | Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster VITA

As a Final Fantasy fan who grew up playing this game during my summer holidays after finishing school, Final Fantasy X and X-2 were both games that had both a great story and memorable soundtrack and of course spending countless hours of gameplay. When I was playing both games again on my PS Vita it was a trip back down memory lane, returning to the world of Spira, the sport of Blitzball and fall in love with a cast of fan favourite characters including Tidus, Yuna, Wakka, Rikku and Seymour.

Comparing the graphics and visuals to the PS2 version and the HD Rematered version there is a big comparison characters and monsters have been well detailed down to the last scratch and the visuals on the environments and places you travel just look breath-taking to look at. And its cutscenes and CGI animations are better than ever there is one minor thing that may annoy a few fans and gamers that the lip-reading for voices still remain if you were one of those people that played the original on the PS2.

The gameplay still remains but has a ton of new content added which was only released in Japan and UK/Europe including new bosses, missions and mini-games. You can easily spent more than 200 hours on both Final Fantasy X and X-2 including trophy support. If you plan on picking up the PS Vita version the graphics look perfect to what the PS3 version has but instead it’s on a handheld meaning that you can play both Final Fantasy games when you’re out and about. You can transfer your save back and forth from your PS3 to the PS Vita if you plan on getting it on both systems.

Even the soundtrack has been updated looking better than ever to listen every time from the main theme to the tense boss battle themes. However Final Fantasy X is pretty the star of show in the HD Remastered version, I do like Final Fantasy X-2 for what it is but it’s not as clear and perfectly well visual on its graphics. Final Fantasy X HD has been well detailed you can tell that Square Enix wanted to take their time on the Remastered version. For anyone who missed out on both games back then I would highly recommend it to anyone isn't a fan of the series or into RPG games or if you love the series you'll enjoy every moment again including some extra content on what happened after the events of both X and X-2.