what are everyone's expectations? (if any)

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When this was first announced forever ago, I was pretty excited at the possibilities. FFX is my favourite and I was looking forward to playing it again on the PS3 and what not. Considering how long it's been since we've heard anything about it, my hopes have obviously gone down in terms of how it's going to look once it's released. The only HD 'remaster' I'm really familiar with (and fond of) was Halo CE Anniversary. They updated the graphics and music, but left the gameplay and dialogue the same. It was amazing, really. I was hoping that FFX HD would be around the same quality of Halo Anniversary, but now I'm not so sure. I was wondering what everyone's expectations, or hopes, are regarding this; FF13 quality graphics? remastered music? international content?
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It wil have online blitzball, ffxiii engine with ffx gameplay. i saw some stuff at http://ffxhd.blogspot.com
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I expect it to be **** awesome. Loved this game so much as a lad. Cant wait until it is released. I wont be doing much of anything else but playing it and maxing out all stats. I really hope it has all of the extra content that was originally suppose to be in it and that it looks beautiful. Hope they dont take away turn based battles. It would be freaking awesome if it had X-II or 12 included as well but I will settle for a release date this fiscal year and content from international version.
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what about Final Fantasy X-2 HD??? I think it was a great one as well
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Yes, I am excited about both remakes. It's about damned time, to be frank. The only problem is I do not own a PS3 or Vita, so it seems bizarre in my mind to purchase either for the remake of games I still have for the PS2. Plus with the PS4 coming up... ya...
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I had hoped the game would be a remake but that has been discarded, I had hoped the game would run on Final Fantasy XIII's engine but that is unlikely. After hearing the game will be just a HD remaster I hope for it to have the best graphics/visuals it could have, the character models look very nice and if they do the same for the rest of the game and meaning backgrounds and of course monsters then it will not look bad at all, I hope it comes in 1080p so it will look even better, I expect it to have trophies of course and I hope it has more to play than the original games, being the best Final Fantasy ever until XIII matched it, it deserves not only this but also a full remake with gorgeous 1080p graphics, I don't know why Square-Enix doesn't make use of their new engine with older games, they would look beautiful!...


Having said that I also want to mention I still have hopes for a Final Fantasy VIII remake along with VII and IX which were equally good, I only chose VIII as my favorite because it was the first Final Fantasy I ever played and it hooked me forever, or so I hope, so let's see what everyone else expects!... ^_^

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FFX2 is a throwaway toss in for me, it was terrible, plain and simple.

But I'd love to play FFX again.

Wish they bundled FFXII with it, instead of FFX-2, as FFXII was easily the best PS2 final fantasy

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if they update the music, there should be an option of listening to the original. It would be awesome if blitz ball was online especially if it was multiplayer. i think x-2 had great gameplay, but the story imo was terrible, and the game was too cheezy/campy. x-2 also ruined the blitz ball game. if they put the ff13 battle system on x-2 with the dress spheres where you paradigm shift that would be awesome. it would have been great if this was a remake done in the newer graphics ie ff13.
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I'm very excited for this remaster. I hear both games will be based on the international releases so that means more content. I own both of these games so I know what to expect. Unlike most FF fans, I absolutely love X-2. It's my favorite FF game actually. X was amazing too but it had flaws in my opinion that prevent it from being very enjoyable. I really hope this game is released this year!