Launch price?

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What do you think the launch price will be for this game assuming it actually gets released? Most of the PS2 HD collections have either been multiple games on one disc, or one game released for download only (of those I've seen), so it's hard to judge from that. I'm hoping it'll be about $20, any more than that and I'll just wait for a used copy most likely.

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I know you posted this quite a while ago, but it seems no one else has responded so I will. Even to this date, there has not been a price tag put on the game. Seeing how it is an HD remaster and not a fully new game, I'm guessing probably $40 for both the Vita and the PS3. The usual rate for single HD remasters is normally not at the price ceiling of $60 for consoles.

And as for the vita, the normal price for a game there is $40 from the start. And I dont see this game's price dropping too soon after launch. $40 seems reasonable though, for one, profit-wise for Sony. $40 is already low enough to charge on console and to lower it anymore for the Vita would be suicide. Also, when the game first came out in 2001, I think it was for $30-$40. But that was the normal price to ask for a brand new PS2 game.

I guess we will see for sure when the game actually comes out.

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Well, I'm just jumping in here late to mention that PS2 games were sold at a suggested retail of $49.99.

As to the OP's question, I'd guess the price of this to be $20 or 30$ if it launches for the Vita.

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i doubt it would be less than 40$ maybe even 60$ for the amount of time their taking to release it, the ps2 version is still at about 20$ and maybe they are adding some extra stuff to the game or something i sure hope so

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If I had to take a guess, I would guess it will be just like the GoW collection and Silent Hill collection and be priced at 39.99 for the ps3........i dunno about the Vita cause honestly, im near blind and couldn't see the Vite screen good enough to get anything done so its the least of my concerns lol