Thie game was a quick, cheap sequel to FFX :( Very bad rushed game!

User Rating: 1.6 | Final Fantasy X-2 PS2
This was just something to do for the makers. They made such a good game before this with Final Fatansy X(awsome game by the way) but this game felt like it was very rushed and just quick quick work of it. The graphics were very dissapointing with this when they made such good ones for final fantasy x. the music was dull and the fact that there was only 3 characters in this game was sad (with7 characters in the prequal) . The story line was very pore and uneventful. The fact that you had to looking for dress spheres and most of them were just a waste of time and effort was stupid. i think that the makers of this game were thinking "with the great game we just made lets make a sequel so that people will think that it is good game like final fantasy X and make some more money then what me just made" dont you think that too?Well anywhy this game is really just telling what happens to wakka lulu and kimarhi after the other game and saying that yuna abondend her viiliage to become a sphere hunter (stupid job dosent even pay) .So with that i think that this game was just a rushed sequel to final fantasy X and they spend no money or effort on this game!!