This time, it's her story.

User Rating: 9 | Final Fantasy X-2 PS2
Journey through the land of Spira once again and relive the adventure in Final Fantasy X-2. We leave off with Lady Yuna, the high summoner who defeated Sin two years ago. With her love, Tidus, lost to her world, Yuna settles down for a new life. A life free of hate and danger. The eternal calm....Such is not the case when Yuna discovers a sphere of what resembles Tidus. She immediately sets off on another adventure to solve the truth once and for all.

The new combat system revolves around dresspheres. With dresspheres there is no real need for Aeons anymore.

The dresspheres include:

gun mage
dark knight
black mage
white mage
lady luck
special dresspheres:
yuna - floral fallal
rikku - machina maw
paine - full throttle

The storyline is not exactly new since it's based off of its prequel, and a side story for Auron might have been preferred for some, but I still at least enjoyed the Lenne/Shuyin 1000 year old Machina War well enough. The ever improved graphic design is breathtaking, and the music is beautiful. If you are looking for the answers to FFX, then pick up the conclusion story to it, FFX-2.