User Rating: 9.2 | Final Fantasy X-2 PS2
final fantasy X-2 is one of those games with somewhat low expectations. I, for one, thought this game to be the worst FF in the series. However, Square shocked me-something they have a fond specialty in. FF X-2 obviously takes place after the first X, so some may want to work on the first episode before moving on to 2. However, its not a necessity; in fact, it may be better that you don't, as the story may have a stronger impact on you if you didn't know what happened in the past. The story is deep and not without a few interesting twists. I also found this plot to be one of the most interesting in the entire series. Square did a great job of creating a great follow-up to the first plot; When the higher power is overthrown, weaker powers form and struggle to become dominant. If a country's main power were overthrown in our world, it feels like a similar result would follow. Thus, this plot amazed me as much as the plot from Tactics advance. The Graphics engine hasen't been improved much, but thats okay, seeing as that the game still looks great. The stunning detail from the first is still there, and the smooth feel of the whole game hasen't changed. A few minor improvements have been made, however; the character models look better, and their animations are more fluid, especially their mouth expressions. although you'll revisit some of the classic areas from the first game, the new areas look just as good as its predecessor's. The gameplay has taken a different route from X, and into the realm of the older games. The action is real time, meaning that you have to make quick decisions before your enemy gets the upper hand. Although this feels like a step back from X's gameplay, it ultimately feels more energetic and action-packed, fitting in well with the more up-beat mood in this version. You'll also have a chance to play with a new feature, known as the dress spheres. These take on the idea of the job systems in the earlier versions, in which you can change your characters attributes and abilities to fit the needs of each battle. Warrior, Black Mage, White Mage, and Gunner are just a few of the many, many job classes.