Sweet! The first ever Final Fantasy sequel... Ehh, Square Enix maybe you should try again...

User Rating: 8.1 | Final Fantasy X-2 PS2

Man after Final Fantasy X, I was so excited about what happened to Tidus and thought that playing this game would be great just like the prequel but I was wrong. Don't get me wrong the story is pretty good (mostly because FFX's story was amazing) but the dress system (leveling system) was kind of stupid. The story completion percentage was a neat idea but the whole game itself was kind of geared towards younger kids except for a few story parts. --Graphics--

Amazing just like any other final fantasy game with some really impressive cut scenes.


A different sound that is kind of catchy (1000 words is a really good song). It was nice to have the same voice actors/actresses coming back for this game.


If you really, really enjoyed Final Fantasy X and want to know what happens to Tidus then by all means play this game at least for the story but otherwise its more than 60 hours of disappointment from Square Enix.