A game that gets so much hate because it's different from the others before it but it's nice to have a change for once.

User Rating: 9 | Final Fantasy X-2 PS2
Let's start this review by clearing up some points that this game is usually mocked by:First off people complain about it's setting saying it's girly and just doesn't feel like a final fantasy game.Well that's because every final fantasy is set in a tragic time except this one because sin is dead and there is no more death and destruction which means everyone can be happy and as far of the "girly" thing goes yes at some points but it does not control the game. Next is people claim that yuna acts like an "idiot" and is not as mature as she was in FFX.Well yes there is a change in her personality but it's for the better because in FFX yuna hides her emotions so they don't stand in they way of her journey and even when she finds the love of her life she still can keep her emotions under control, But now she can express herself and think about herself for once and move on with life but when it come to that true hero we all know and love she is still there you will know by the amazing speech she gives toward the end of the game and she can't refuse a cry for help.Now with those points cleared up i will continue with the review. Let's start off with the gameplay this was improved over the first game because it is something different the dressphere system is like changing your characters class from something like dark mage to warrior etc. interesting mainly because it's different, one thing you may find annoying is it's mini-games some are fun but some a plain ridicules and can hurt your experience and there are several side missions almost everything is optional so you can write your own story with about 4 different endings tho i prefer the good and perfect endings. Overall gameplay(9.0) Next is the sound, the music is different which considering the new theme those sad songs won't cut it for this game like all the others so you want to hear something happy which is mostly what it plays some are a little annoying tho but when it comes those emotional type scenes the music for those are really good the voice acting has improved alot easier to believe than before big improvement overall sound (9.5) Next up the graphics, kind of the same as the previous FMV's are slightly better than before not much i can add except just a slight improvement over the original but still looks real good overall graphics(9.0) And now for the story as mentioned a new happy theme is introduced and it's pretty fun takes all the intensity out that makes you want to progress through the game so fast so you can take it at your own pace and just have fun, some scenes are a little "girly" but the game doesn't revolve around them the story is just plain fun to play overall story(9.0) **Possible spoiler tho i'm sure anyone who wants to play this game has** This game also has my favorite scene in a final fantasy game a scene that will please all FFX fans the perfect ending shows our hero yuna and the love of her life tiuds in zanarkand where the game first game began and as they talk she pushes him off the cliff smiling saying "you didn't disappear" knowing everything is over and she has a "Perfect" ending to her story and as the camera pans out we see yuna standing exactly were tidus stood two years ago the words "Final fantasy X" appeared on the screen now two years later we see the word "The end" fade onto the screen as the beautiful melody "Yuna's ballad plays" a true final fantasy fan can't help but smile a perfect ending to a great set of games**End of spoilers** Closing thoughts:You can't play this game without final fantasy X buy and play final fantasy X before you play this. End of review.