Not as great as Final fantasy X, but still thrilling.

User Rating: 8.8 | Final Fantasy X-2 PS2
Final fantasy X-2 for playstation 2 has outstanding graphics. I huge improvment from Final fantasy X.(in terms of graphics). The chicks are hot, and the game is very time conuming. It will take forever to get 100%. The new battle system is alright, and makes the game more intence. I dont really like the story line though. It doesnt follow any of the old FF games. It's mission based, and some parts are goofy. Overal, its a great game with amazing graphics. Lets have a 8.8 for this game.
It took arround 90 hourst to get 100%, but it can take 10 hours just to beat the game if you are experienced witht he ff series. (10hours for like 43% completion)