A madness revolution to ffx2. Worth the importing if your not japanese. NDS Japanese tutor helps you with reading this.

User Rating: 9.5 | Final Fantasy X-2: International + Last Mission PS2

Complete revolutionary to the original ffx2. The girls come back in action with new gameplay options. When I finally got sick of using Yuna, Rikku and Paine, I finally was able to purchase this There are two modes, International and Last Mission Mode.


Storyline is corney, gameplay was entirely the 8.0 rating of the game. FFX2 International improves the gameplay.


Firstly, yes, finally. The girls have more dresspheres to obtain. I will not tell you what they are, and if you really want to know go to the Gamespot Hints + Cheats channel for this game. To get these dresspheres all you have to do is get those extra garmet grids which are recieved to you near the beggining of the game. The bonus dresspheres will be included automatically.

Secondly. Sick of the three girls? Well you can have whoever you've always wanted in your party to save the earth from Vegnagun. That's right. Anyone...

Example of who you can help the three girls save the earth are;
1. Goon
2. GoonGun
3. Besaid's dinosaur
4. The Mighty Leblanc
5. Even Brother for goodness sake

The way which you can get these characters in your team are by;
1. Watching Shinra's Capture Fiends tutorial (this will automatically make Brother an avaliable optional member of the team)
2. Capturing monsters by using traps, setting them where you want, and depending on the size of the traps (S=Small, M=Medium and L=Large) you will get the size just listed.

Monsters have sizes (out of 3 character spaces) S takes 1 space, M takes 2 Spaces and L takes all the spaces.

The voices are in English but the subtitles and everything else are in Japanese.



If you have ever played Pokemon Dungeons Blue and Red on DS and GBA.. well this is pretty similar, only more graphical.

You select New Game once your in the last mission menu (accessable from the main game menu), Select New Game, and select the last option which will need you not to load a save file.

Last Mission is all in Japanese and rearely have save points, so unless you know what exactly your doing then this game will be OK to play.

You start off as Yuna, and once you just walk to the building there are three options, every one of those options are mission starting at level 1, the difference is the Character you use.

You can move horizontally, diagonally having one step each turn.

By pressing O button, you can attack/shoot.

There are dresspheres in this mode, although it is hard to understand what is going on especially if you are not Japanese like me.


(My Japanese Coach on NDS can help with reading if you need a summarised japanese alphabet page please ask me I am willing to send)

1. International have more optional characters to use
(Even characters which you will never imagine to use)
2. International optional characters have a good AI and heal when they need.
3. Yuna, Rikku and Paine are still controllable like in the original ffx2
4. New Dresspheres keep you going, keeps your hype up mastering new jobs.
5. Extremly Addictive, its crazy.
6. If you know your battle commands, and learnt them almost off by heart then it is easy to fight.
7. Last Mission Mode is optional, and can be fun.
8. Give your new fiends garmet grid options, yes... this does mean to even give them jobs as well.. depending on the job, they will get status increase. And no, they cannot master jobs.


1. Characters are not that usable on international, they control themselves
2. Every piece of writing is in Japanese (necessary to learn a bit of Hiragana)
3. Last Mission mode is not fun for me
4. Last Mission Mode is ALL in Japanese
5. Internaitonal fiends that join your party need to be on level 99 before they can get released (according to the walkthroughs on Gamespot, although i have tried to do so myself), unless if you have too many fiends in your party and want to introduce another one.

I hope you enjoyed my review, and have fun with FFX2 International + Last Mission.