This is THE BEST RPG that I have ever played, and it still stands true after I've played other recent RPG's out there.

User Rating: 10 | Final Fantasy VIII PC
I seriously couldn't thing of anything or anyway to put down this game except for one little, minor, not really problematic issue, and this is the fact that the enemies and bosses level up as you do. I really don't know why this version of the game got such a low rating, but I still love it no matter what others thing of this game. This games story is the best, the touch of romance in it is just beautiful. The music, sound are just amazing, the theme "Eyes on Me" is my favourite theme song of any game. The gameplay is innotive and engrossing. Let me explain. Since you can't out level your enemies any more, you must now rely on the 'junction' system. You need to get spells to boost up you stats, and I often find myself just looking for and absorbing all the different kinds of spells in the area. The summons, or GF, is also unlike other summons in other FF games, you could actually boost up their attack power by repeatingly pressing a button when the 'x' isn't on the screen. Finally, the graphics, they are superb, they look great and the characters are full of expressions, I like the grahics in FF VIII then the ones in FFX. I can't express how much I love this game with words, but this is my favourite game so far.