Debate Squall or Cloud

User Rating: 10 | Final Fantasy VIII (Platinum) PS
--Alert Spoiler To Each Game--

For starters, yes i have played both, did all the side missions and absolutely loved both games...but who is the greater hero? Well lets find out shall we?

Cloud Strife, I love him but he was a psycho. He thought he was someone that hes not. Though Cloud is all that is awesome in every way. The Omnislash is one of the most effective limit breaks/overdrives/quickenings/ anything else. BUT.. Cloud isn't my idea as a hero. I know alot of people who say "he's a SOLDIER that would kill SeeD any day." Well I have to disargee, Cloud is not mentally tough (because of Sephiroth) which plays a big part. BUT on the other hand Squall collapses with a loud ring from Ellone to send him back to the past. Which only happens like 3 times in the game and Cloud is constantly posessed but Sephiroth. All in all in a head to head, I think Squall with his Gunblade would beat Cloud with his Rune Sword. Also in FFVII it absolutely killed me when Aeris died, I didn't know whether to cry or bash the TV in with my remote. So that was a let down but hey I moved on and found Tifa.. Ohhhh Tifa...Clouds replacement love. Tifa was basically a rebound for Cloud (what a pimp!!!).. but in all seriousness FF7 is a tragic story that will fill your mind up. A love story gone wrong. A guy that lost his mind to kill his nemesis (Sephiroth) but Cloud is strong in the end and defeats the mighty Sephiroth..but its not enough to bring back Aeris. He lived his life in substitution for Zach when he died...but I can say Cloud overcomed and lived out of Zachs shadow.. which finally made the hero of FF7....Cloud. I know I said he wasn't a hero but at the end he was and you have to play the game to know. BUT moving on....

Now FF8

For starters FF8 the main character Squall Leonhart.. I think that is all I have to say but for people that aren't aware, Squall is a loner. A perfect main character that is a (I can't find the word so I'll use) a$$hole Sorry about my laugage, but its true. He only cares about himself, which is what everyone needs, once you found yourself you find others and that's what everyone needs is to look after is #1... and that would be yourself before others, and once you found yourself then you can take care of one another just like Squall did. A ruthless SeeD that was all for elimitating the enemy with no questions asked, but further on down the road human nature steps in when he meets Rhinoa. You can ask any man, it doesnt matter how tough you are, a woman that you care about will make you crazy but at the same time make you stronger. Squall is a perfect example of a man that wants nothing and ends up with something that he couldn't imagine. The love story that comes along with FF8 builds the whole video game. Rhinoa is always trying to raise the lighter Squall, but he would never be game. BUT Squall did miss someone.. his SIS. Which he couldn't find for the longest time, until he was knock out on the table in the Infirmary. Also Squall wanted to be with Rhinoa for the last of the story but we all know that Squall had his sights set on Rhinoa from the start. But I'm like Squall and in the same way I am absolutely subborn with a woman and I think that this is why I connected with FF8 so much. It takes a hell of alot to get to Squall. He is the Champion of Surpressed Time, made his childhood made sense and fell in love with Rhinoa what more could you ask for then a happy ending. :D So with the Lionheart at the end which is more powerful than the Omnislash, and with the drive of Rhinoa's love Squall is the victor in this battle