This game was revolutionary and deserves all the respect that can be given to him.

User Rating: 9.5 | Final Fantasy VIII (Platinum) PS
In 1999, FFVIII was a revolutionary game and not only that, one of the most influential and important games ever released in the gaming industry.

We also know just how revolutionary the importance of FFVI and FFVII, as well as the valuable importance of FFIX, FFX and FF Tactics.

All games were the best ever produced in a series that shone like the sun, and marked a whole generation until the sad merger between Squaresoft and Enix, which destroyed the values presented in these games together and broke their huge fan base between like or hate.

But FFVIII was extremely important because it showed the level to which video games and the games would reach as they could be awesome.

With the most realistic graphics ever seen when it was released, powerful songs, epic, and even sung in memorable Latin, integration impressive so far between CGs and gameplay, storyline and a remarkable inspiration so unique and engaging as its predecessors, artwork incredible and again a balanced gameplay, challenging and stimulating, possibly FFVIII was a major landmark in the history of video games, consolidating the fullness of the production values ​​brought through FFVII.

I think it's unfortunate to see that there is anyone in good conscience, capable of giving a score below from 9 to Final Fantasy VIII, especially when it says fan of the series.
This game is still impressive even to this day and with an indescribable artistic value, highlighting in particular the adaptation of the fantastic music by Nobuo Uematsu with the scenarios and scenes, giving an indescribably perfect environment completely unique. Particularly not like much of the battle music and world map, but overall the experience is sensational.

If you never played Final Fantasy VIII, respect him, he set the best quality we have in the games industry these days and remains an extremely impressive work of art, exciting and memorable.

Sorry for possible english errors, I'm Brazilian.